Skin Care Home Tips Episode

Skin Care Home Tips Episode

If you really want your skin to be bright from inside. So, one daily skin routine must be followed. But many people do not know what will be the skin care routine of the day. Starting from morning to night, following a proper skin routine of the day after returning home from the office, your skin will also need glowing like your favorite celebrity. But what is the routine? I will talk about that today.

Skins are needed for proper care, first need to know their skin tone. Because different skin tones are different. Of course, what you need for ayele skin is not for dry skin. If the skin tone is a sensitivity, then a completely different routine.

Wheel skin care tips
A girl with oily skin

Wellie skin means but in chatchat, not extra oil. If you are mentally able to maintain it, then this skin tone can give you a sanyu look. In addition to problems with the ogle skin chat, open pores, black and white heads, dark spot and bron have problems.


1 Follow the Healthy Diet. Since skin oils must be avoided too much oily foods. The skin will become more waely in the food.

Always keep the mouth clean. The excess oil in it will not be able to face.

3 It is a good idea to not use heavy product, heavy moisturizer. Good use of light oil free product, moisturizer. If Scalp is well-oiled, then do not use heavy oil, use light oil. And one day the oil will be oiled.

Dry Skin Care Tips

The main problem of the dry skin is that the face looks very dry. And no matter how beautiful makeup for this extra dryness, the face looks black. Especially in the winter. The skin is dry wood. So it is very necessary to take proper care. Skin Edging, Reckel quickly came out from the skin that was rotated. You do not see me, but all of you will see your skin.


Never wash your face in hot water. And avoid as much as you can while bathing.

After clearing the face twice, the moisturizer must be sprayed. Use the light moisturizer in summer.

3 Clean the mouth after the bath. Use soft towels to remove face.

Combination Skin Care Tips
These skin tone dry and two kinds of skin problems are a little bit of a problem. The forehead and the nose, and the nose is willy. Also takes other parts of the face to the dish.


Keep 1 mouth always clean, so that the parts of the face are pleasing. They will be less.

Take the correct moisturizer. Your skin is more like a bell? Or buy a moisturizer targeting it more than a dry feeling.

3 The amount of moisturizer should also be correct. If you have too much moisturizer, the parts of the face that are pleading will become more eloquent. Due to dry use of very little use again. So please understand.

Daily skin routine


The first condition to keep skin glowing and hold is to keep the skin clean. During the day, dust smoke and outdoor pollution got accumulated in the skin. They must be cleaned from the skin. If they are not properly cleaned from the skin, then the skin becomes dry, lifeless. Only if the skin is clean from inside but its brightness will remain. And if the skin is clean then only you can take the skins to the next step of skin handling. So clean the skin back home every day.


The next step of clearing is the toning. Many people have a question, clean the skin, even after the moisturizer has the need of toning? Yeah certainly need. When you clean the skin with a cleaner, cleaner skin pins open and clean the dirt dust that is in the skin. Skin Purses But Open. After that toner closed the open pans. Otherwise, there will be problems in open parson. And toner skins keep the pH balance in the skin. Keeps the skin hydrated. In a nutshell, the toner skin completes the cleansing process.


The last step of the day is, Moiseschreiser. After wearing a toner, the skin takes a lot of time to dry. So then Moiseschreiser. Moisturizer skin nourishes. Keeps hydrated. Skin hemorrhagic losses, but very early skin aging comes. So, every day, certainly Moyesharajaraja.
Those who have awein skin, many people think they do not need a moisturizer. It's a wrong idea. All skin toney moisturizers are needed. If you have skin tone well, use gel base moisturizer.
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