45 best health tips

45 Best Health Tips

45 best health tips

We have done this for you and here they are: 45 best health tips. Make it  46 with modification.

1. Copy your Kitty: Learn how to increase exercises when you wake up. It increases circulation and digestion and reduces pain.

2. Don't Quit BreakfastStudy shows that if you are trying to lose weight, the appropriate breakfast is eaten. The piece of breakfast receives the weight. The balanced breakfast includes fresh fruit or fruit juice, a high-fiber breakfast cereal, low-fat milk or yogurt, hole toast, and a boiled egg.

3. Brush hygieneMany people do not know how to brush their teeth correctly. A better brush can not brush perfectly as tooth and tooth damage. Many people do not brush for a long time, do not fast and regularly do not see a dentist. Hold your toothbrush as soon as you put a pencil and brush it for at least two minutes.

It includes the toothbrush, the toot, and grapes celebration, the language and the roof of the mouth. And you do not need a choice, angle toothbrush - just a strong and soft, soft one that takes place every month.

4. Neurobox for your brain: Get your mind with energy. American researchers point out the term 'neurobox' in which to activate their own biochemical pathways and to bring new ways online, which can help strengthen or maintain brain circuits.

Brush your teeth with your 'other' hand, take a new way to work on the feelings of your contacts or choose your clothes instead of looking at your clothes. People with mental agility lack a lower rate of obesity and lack of age-related mental deficiencies.

5. Whatever you give, always give it and never take it, it is a short road for tiredness. Give yourself and get it from others, otherwise, you will get a chance where you do not have to give anything. And hey, how can you expect them to get to you if you can not meet others?

6. Get Spiritual: Clearly, a study conducted by the simple and scientific Harvard University shows that those patients who did not know the prayer prayed to recover even faster.

7. Get smarter: Garlic, onions, spring onions and leaks are all that is good for you. A study at the Child Health Institute in Cape Town found that raw garlic helped fight childhood serious illnesses. Heats these features, so you eat raw, fry it with juice, or if you are cc, it is in the form of a tablet.

8. A shock behind One day, a glass of red wine is good for you. Many studies have found this, but the recent one found that polyphenol (type of anti-oxidant) green tea, red wine and olives can also help you with breast cancer. It is believed that antioxidants help you to protect inactive workers like tobacco smoke.

9. Daily boneGet your daily calcium, chop a tab and suck milk or dive a tab. It will keep your bones strong. Remember that after 30 years of age your lack of bone density is reduced. You need at least 200 ml of a day, which you should get with Magnesium, or it will not only absorb.

10. Bear for your stomach: Bubbles, strawberries and Risberbar plants contain nutrients known as Athocyaniden, which are anti-oxidants. The anti-bulb rivor grapes in the restorable focus - an anti-violet compound in red wine which has assumed near the heritage ratio. It is believed that reversololol is helping in heart disease and cancer protection.

11. Curry FavourHot, spicy foods which are Chilean or canny pepper trigger endorphins, have sense hormones. Endorphins have a powerful, almost drug, effect and you feel good after practicing. But many Indian restaurants are easy to work on Lamb, Pig and meat and camels thick, creamy dishes.

12. Cut the herbs before ops Some herbal supplements - Due to City John's Vortex and Jenco bulbah, for Garlic, Ginger, Gainage and Beef - can lead to blood addiction during surgery, warns the surgeons. It may be wise to take all the medicines, including two weeks before herbal supplements, and inform your surgeon about herbal use.

13. I say TomatoTomato is a superstar in fruit and Vegetable paints. Contains a powerful cancer fighter, leopard on Tomato. They are also rich in vitamin C. The good news is that tomato tomatoes are also nutrition, so they use pasta, soup and casseroles as well as salads.

The Burundi Therapeutic Society says Tomato and apple can reduce the risk of asthma and chronic illnesses. Both anti-oxidants contain cocaine. To enjoy the benefits, eat one apple a week or a tomato each other.

14. Eat your pressure Stop it from stress as you stop blood sugar. Regular and small foods, Herbal herbal children will also have to waste your delicate nerves.

Creating food-carbohydrates carbohydrates, nuts and banana seretones, produces good drugs to each other. The small amount of protein containing amino acid test can promote you when stressing you.

15. Load on Vitamin C: We need at least 90 mg of vitamin C daily and eat fresh fruit and vegetable daily at least five servings. Kill the Angels and the Cowboys!

16. No folly in folic acid. Pour acid should be taken regularly with every pregnant mother and people with less trouble. Focal acid prevents spa in the birth child and can contribute to the prevention of cancer. Green green leaf is found in vegetables, liver, fruit and chicken.

17. For the period: It helps vitamins, and beta carotene to promote the problem of disease. These diseases like diseases also help in the healing process and is recommended by HWOHH. Good natural sources of vitamins A are kidneys, liver, milk products, green and yellow vegetables, panahoo, mango, chili pepper, red pigs and red palm oil.

18. Pure water: You do not need to drink soft drinks or energy when you are practicing. Keep adequately weapons while drinking enough water during your exercise (do not do most things just because drinking too much water can be dangerous).

When you may need a longer amount of energy to walk, you can burn glucose with soft drinks before burning your body in a low exercise session in the gym. Sweets go to the same way.

19. GI, Jane: Carbohydrates will provide energy based on a high glucose index such as bread, sugar, honey and cereals and will accelerate your metabolism. If you are trying to burn fat, beans, rice, pastor, pulses, peas, soy beans and meat will be with chicken, all of whom are low-fat.

20. Living: You probably have heard the old covenant that life is very low. But maybe you should consider contrast: this life is not easy to focus on easy tasks. By considering and focusing on the basic things, you will clear everything that concerns you.

Really focus on seriousness and experiences again: Observe the Strawberry skin texture as you touch it and taste the sweet hollow juice as you cut in the fruit; When throwing your hand to your partner If given, pay attention to sensitive attention to your skin; and focus on working on them while working on them, whether they can flower or appeal their clothes.

21. Secrets of pullingWhen you grow, do not reach your body easily, as long as you do not feel comfortable and keep for about 25 seconds. Grind your body deeply to help your body take the thighs in oxygen rich blood. Do not bounce or force yourself into an uncomfortable position.

22. Work your weight first: Experts say that weight training should be done first, because it is more intensely practiced compared to cardio. Your body is better to be able to handle weight training in exercise as you are fresh and you have the energy that you need to work.

On the contrary, charming exercise should be the last thing in the gym, as it helps to increase blood flow in your body and spread the latic acid, which increases muscle and you can gain weight training Do it It's a lactic acid that makes your muscles feel tough and wound.

23. Fat pot during the breaks: Fasting is a pleasure to train your intermediate, to improve your health and reduce weight. Set a treadmill or step machine on the interval program where your speed and work vary from minutes to minutes. Slowly, build every minute and return to the starting speed. Replace this routine. Not only will it be angry, but you can get training and get more results for a short time.

24. Your dirty feet go ahead: If you have dirt on your fingers, knees and hips, dirt for dirt. Hard trails or rating roads are very easy on your joints than the road is tough. In addition, dirt levels are extraordinary, slow down slowly and emphasized on focusing on putting your legs on - for agility and custody.

25. Burn the board, throw the peak: Reverse your metabolism by changing your speed and intensity during an aerobic workshop. Not only should you change your routine, but also to exit your body for prevention or boring.

If you normally walk on a trader 6.5km / h or take a 15-minute walk to a kilometer, then moving up to 8 kilometers / hour for a minute during your exercise. Do this every five minutes, every time you work, increase the speed of your speed at a slightly higher speed.

26. Solid era without beer: Do not eat carbohydrates at least one exercise. It will force your body to break your body instead of breaking the fat. Stick to fruit and fluid during this clock, but avoid the beer.

27. 'Ok, now 100 of them' James helps instead of removing - temporarily - personal trainer. Make sure you learn to properly breathe and learn the exercises correctly. You will get an exercise while spending less time in the gym.

28. Stop the jumpDo not smoke and if you are already smoke, leave everything and do it in your power. Buying 90 million people who live in this granny and buying lives, believe it is not controversial. In addition to heart disease and cancer's leading risks, Orthopedic surgeons have found that smoking bone density of density increases and restricts blood flow. So you can live in a 90-year-old Umpati, which is a smokeless stock of tobacco smoke. foreigner.

29. Ask crazy aunt addicted Find your family's history. You need to know that there is a legacy of your gene pool offering. According to the Mive Clinic, it came to know, who can be able to die of your grandfather's death - to save the life - what's in store for you. And do not lie, do not come: 25% alcohol wines become themselves alcohol.

30. Check yourselfTake regular exams of your breasts. Most of the participants are very happy to help, not only because SA is the most common cancer in women. The best time to inspect your breasts is after your period in the week.

31.My smear campaignHave a pepper once a year. Not on our favorite items list, but it's important. Bacterial cancer kills 200 000 women a year and is the most common form of cancer in which black women are more than 30% affected.

But initially detected if survival prospects are about 100%. If you are sexually active in the early age, be particularly careful, you have many sexual partners or smoke.

32. Understand the hormone: Recent research shows that short-term (less than five years) HRT usage is not associated with increased

32. Hit holidays: More than 240 allergies, some rare and other are very common. If you are a senator due to the coronation: turn off your car windows while driving, but also switch to internal fans (drawings out of the air), and after avoiding out of 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock when Be their largest number; Get rid of holidays in such areas such as the beach, and fresh cut off the grass.

33. DougonIf you are allergic to your cat, puppy, electric or pet sunset, stop preventing the anger of animal cats: Install air filters in your home.

Put out your pet as far as possible and brush out the house to remove loose hair and other allergies. Better yet, to ask someone else to do so.

34. Heaven's friendly game: According to experts, the swimming pool is the most friendly game, but cycling, canbacco, fishing, sailing and walking is also good.

Osama should not reduce the performance for the game. 1% of the American Olympic team was fascinating - and they won 41 medals between them.

35. Deep heat: Sun rays can also burn through thick glasses and under water. Up to 35% UVV rate and 85% UVA rays enter thick glasses, while 50% UVB rays and 75% UVA rays enter one meter water and wet cotton clothes.

Which means you need a sun screen while driving on vacation, and if you're swimming, water resistant will be blocked.

36. Growing up: If you want to be your youthful teenager, you should avoid eating the lottery or taste. This lotion consists of psoralen, which accelerates the aging process. But also use fake tan lotions. Avoid sun beds, which are as bad as themselves.

37. Sunny screen can be a snacker The sun screen is unlikely to prevent you from handling, or to reduce the risk of skin cancer growth. That is why most people do not apply properly, and it remains very long in the sun.

Solution? Every day Sunny on Sunny screen and most often put it again, especially if you're in the water. how much? At least coffee enough to fill the glass.

38. Necklace and cryA good soup is dedicated to being good for you. So laugh, which is shown to help the dead bodies as well. Studies in Japan show that laughter promotes immune system and prevents the allergic reaction from the body.

39. It can not endEnd up relationships that do not work much for you because you spend time dead. Instead of heading for more reliable things. When you are trapped in an extraordinary vein, opportunities may disappear, which have long been trying to breathe in life.

40. Strong people go for helpAsk for help Flouring your teeth in the dark You will not get more brown points. It is a sign of power to demand help and people will respect you for it. If there is a relative problem, the person who refuses to go for help is usually the same with which the problem starts.

41. Save steam views for the bedroom: It is hot to shower or shower in the water, dry your skin and cause it due to age. Hot water is very good

Apply the moisturizer while your skin is still moisture - it will be absorbed more easily. With the help of adding some olive oil to your bath, your skin also maintains moisture.

42. Here's rubbish: Improve your rotation and your goals will help you to deal with towels. Helping your welfare ground function can help them become infected.

After drying your thumb and towers, loaded on your legs and turning towards thumb on the body above you. You can do the same during your soft massage with your partner.

43. Sugar coated: More than three million South Africa is influenced by type 2 diabetes, and events are increasing - new patients get smaller. The new study shows that such type of diabetes are often part of metabolic syndrome, which include high blood pressure and other factors of heart disease.

Over 80% of diabetes die from heart disease, so make sure you control your glucose levels, and see your blood pressure and cholesterol count.

44. Relax, this is just sex: It makes tension and sexually damaged bed, it seems. The American survey shows that tested, tested test for children and work are important factors. With the advent of technology that allows us to work from home, we are filling lines between our jobs and our personal lives.

People work for a long time, have long moments and also include their physical relationships. On the agenda, keep everything like nooky and intimacy.

45. Good night, dear: The rest fills the body and is shown to reduce the risk of heart problems and psychological problems.
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